Car Servicing

The responsible car owner maintains a strict compliance to the required servicing intervals recommended by the manufacturer. However, once the warranties and guarantee’s fall away with an ageing vehicle, we tend to neglect our responsibilities somewhat and fail to visit our car service centre as often as we should.

Regular servicing of ones car can be equated with the importance of regularly brushing one’s teeth. They get furry, gather grime and if left uncleaned can cause endless problems, right? The same for your fuel pump and oil filter. These can become clogged and cause numerous issues including increased fuel consumption. Each time we drive our cars, something will loosen just that little bit, or pick up specks of grime which add up and clog airways and filters. With regular servicing, these issues can be avoided, the smooth running of your vehicle is ensured and, ultimately, it will save you money.

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Maintenance & Regular Servicing Maintains Value

Getting the best, consistent performance out of your car starts with regular servicing. Upon purchasing a new car, service intervals are usually set in terms of time periods or according to mileage by the manufacturer. These service intervals are crucial to keep the integrity of any warranties and guarantee’s that come with your car active and claimable. Once these fall away, it is up to the owner to ensure a regular car service. Maintaining a good service record will not only ensure your car is kept in premium condition, it will also count in your favour when selling your car.

General servicing includes both minor and major services. This includes an inspection process, replacement of engine oil, oil filters, and air filters.

Major Service

Major service generally includes:

  • Engine oil change
  • Oil filter change
  • Air filter change
  • Spark plugs
  • Fuel filter change where it applies
  • Full safety check
  • Adjustment of handbrakes
  • Topping up of fluid levels
  • Re-setting service indicator
  • Diagnostic scan

Minor Service

Minor service generally includes:

  • Changing the engine oil
  • Changing the oil filter
  • Full safety check
  • Adjustment of handbrakes
  • Topping up of fluid levels
  • Resetting of service light/indicator

Diesel Service

The servicing of diesel vehicles is very similar to petrol driven vehicles although there are differences in the manner in which these vehicles start. Diesel vehicles, for example, use the compression of air to generate enough heat to ignite the fuel via a glowplug (a heating device) rather than a sparkplug.

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