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Following 11 years of building local and national directories and 8 years as an independent marketing partner of McCarthy Automotive, Oink is packing up that particular shop and launching into and specialising in the marketing of the Car Service, Repair and Aftermarket (spare parts) industry. This is an invitation to join the Oink Auto Service Network. Be a part of the launch and only renew your membership in January 2020! Enquire Now or read why your company should join Oink.


All community accounts are free – Register here and build a solid relationship with your service centre, mechanic or supplier and ditto for service providers.


Strictly NO advertising on your web pages and No Google Ads and/or affiliate marketing on the site … anywhere! Period. (Scroll down for live examples and detailed launch info.

Membership (R750 p/a) – Launch Offer R500 p/a valid until 01/01/2019

  • 12 Months
  • A listing on
  • 1 free directory submissions
  • Targeted service, product and locational marketing
  • Unlimited leads
  • Oink Managed Dashboard – (We do all your admin)

Partner Membership (R1000 per annum) – Valid until 01/01/2019

  • 12 Months
  • Partner Page Banner on (Official launch November 2018)
  • 3 different listings on three niche websites – (live), (Launching January 2019) and (Redesign and development due October 2018).
  • 2 free directory submissions – and another of your choice.
  • Targeted service, product and locational marketing
  • Unlimited leads
  • Oink Managed Dashboard
  • Online management and support – Discovery & reset of expired/outdated listings.
  • Periodic Featured Status on Partner websites (for eg:

Starter Pack for Small Automotive Businesses  (R2 250 once off)

  • Domain Registration
  • 12 Months free Hosting
  • Your own optimized 5 page website – See a live example
  • Basic Membership (as above)

Unlimited Leads – Oink has never and will never operate on a commission basis. A laughably affordable, annual fee is applied.

What will Oink Do For Your Business?

  • Oink will create, manage and maintain a portion of your company’s organic footprint on the world wide web and drive traffic to your business.
  • Oink will create a fresh and updated profile for your company on numerous platforms within the Oink stable.
  • Oink will automatically add your company to new Oink owned platforms as they are published. See below for a list of online properties in the Oink stable and due dates of publication.
  • Oink will manage and maintain the security, updates, maintenance of all platforms on which your information is contained.
  • Oink will submit all updates, alterations, additions, new info and graphics to the various platforms upon which your company features.
  • Oink directs all incoming email, search engine and social media traffic directly to relevant member listings.

All Oink owned platforms can be accessed and utilised individually from R500 per annum per platform. However, an annual fee of R1000.00 (my launch offer) gives your company web pages on 3 automotive platforms, submission to 1 general platform and a partner banner link on the Oink HQ website (launching in October). It will also give your company inclusion to all future platforms which are due for development during 2019. Only renew in January 2020. Price may be increased but will not exceed R1500 per annum from 2020.

Sites Published/Due for Publication in 2018

Please note that all listings will feature maps, booking/contact forms, business hours, galleries, team members on applicable projects, etc when complete.

  • southafricabusinessdirectory (active) – Visit a live listing
  • carservice .africa (active & under development) – Visit a live listing
  • serviceacar (active & under redevelopment) – Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa. Visit a live listing – Mobile Version Desktop Version
  • oink (Oink HQ – awaiting development) – Your company will have a banner feature on our partner web page designated to your area/province.

Johannesburg & Pretoria (Gauteng), Durban (KwaZulu-Natal), Port Elizabeth & East London (Eastern Cape) and all other cities/towns of Limpopo, Mpumalanga, Northern Cape, Free State and the North West Province will launch during October 2018. Book your space

Sites due for publication in 2019

  • automotive .africa (reserved & awaiting development
  • carmodel (reserved & awaiting development)
  • truckbuy (reserved & awaiting development)
  • carsonspecial (active and awaiting redevelopment)

There is still much development going on but I guarantee traffic long before official launch in January 2019 – Craig Nuttley (Owner/Administrator) – Tel +27 79 154 7696.