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The Future of Car Servicing & Repair in SA

Where are we going and what can we expect? The future of the car service & repair industry looks bright from my perspective. I also think that there is going to be a swift change over the next 10 years and the industry needs to prepare itself for it. The way we communicate and find things after Google hit the scene just 19 years ago changed everything. When we look back, how did we ever manage without a cell phone? I think the way workshops operate and the vehicles we use to transport ourselves are about to make that same shift. In 20 years it could be quite unfashionable to be seen driving a ‘car’.

Upskilling staff to accommodate technological advances

Mankind will always strive to achieve new advances and why should motoring be any different? Keeping staff up to date with the latest technological advances and investing in fine tuning their skills will prove to be an asset and advantage to the workshop, manufacturer or service centre who wishes to be in business for a long time. The vehicles being tested and driven out there include driverless vehicles, flying cars and I’ve seen some pretty neat batman suits too. I think the options available are going to be numerous. Implementation of systems and structures in order to accommodate these technological advances will be in their early stages of development within the next 5-10 years. People will be buying into new forms of travel. The question is, how does this ogre well for the service and repair industry?

Expanding the Scope of Service Centre Operations

Clearly if things change, any business would have to adjust to those changes. Change in any industry is always an opportunity to expand the company and provide new services. While I believe the car will still be around in 50 years, cars as we know them will be propelled and powered in different ways. Electric cars, solar cars, flying cars and amphibeous cars.  Who knows what kind of car we can expect in the next 20 years? What we can be sure of, is that even 20 years after manufacturing of cars as we know them has stopped, the mechanic will still be required to keep them going.

In short, the future looks bright for the car service centre who will keep ahead or at least abreast of the changes taking place even if they seem a little distance away. Success in the industry is going to depend more and more on providing a multi-type service centre or specialising in specific types of transportation. How the service centre positions itself in the market based on it’s technological capabilities and range of services will determine it’s survival.

Techno advances in Japan

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