5 Reasons to Keep Car Service Records

The service history of your car is as important to the next potential buyer as your curriculum vitae is to your next potential boss. Before getting into the top 5 reasons to keep car service records, consider this; NOT keeping proveable documentation to substantiate the maintenance, repair and servicing of your vehicle simply screams, “Why not?” What are the probabilities? Irresponsibilities … no doubt.

Documenting Your Vehicle Upkeep is Responsible & Smart

Not only does keeping a well documented service history validate responsible ownership, it also enables the new owner to buy based on an informed knowledge of the vehicle. When records are not available, it asks questions in the mind; questions like, how long will it last, has it been properly oiled, is the engine going to seize when i get around the block? If youre selling your car privately or to or through a dealership, these are doubts people will have. So …

What are the 5 best reasons to keep sound service records?

  1. It suggests, and goes a long way to proving responsible ownership. A car which has been well looked after has every reason to have a service record. A vehicle which has been neglected will have every reason NOT to have documentation attached.
  2. Service records of a well maintained vehicle can often get you a better valuation or a better price.
  3. It gives you a stronger foundation for negotiation around value. Servicing your vehicle regularly will save you money. Keeping a record costs nothing but a few moments to file the receipts, quotes, etc in a safe place.
  4. Service records can resolve disputes
  5. Keeping a history of work done and servicing intervals is to a mechanical workshop what your medical history is to your GP or doctor. It will save both time and probably money too if your mechanic understands previous issues with your vehicle. Knowing of previous failures/repairs may make fault finding a simple task.

There are probably a hundred reasons to keep sound records of your cars health. It’s the smart thing to do. After all, if you don’t provide the medical report for your car, do you not open yourself to open surgery on your heart (engine), when all your car required was a new vein (fuel pipe).


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