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Car Stuff & Other Stories

Cars are central to almost everything we do in our lives. The serious aspects of our relationships with our cars come down to the costs of servicing, maintenance and repair of our vehicles. Finding the right service centre or private mechanic (there are some good, honest and reliable ones out there) or service centre can be tedious, costly, educational or rewarding. That depends on the information you are equipped with. You’ll find this type of information under CAR STUFF.

Then there are the things we do in our cars. The crazy antics we got up to in our youth which ended up with our folks requiring the services of that mentioned above. And how can we forget some of the things we got up to as adults. Cars are fun, they can also drive us mad and the stories we have to tell about our cars are endless. Share yours with me (I’ll post them here and attribute them to you) and read some of mine. It’s been a jol at times and at others a pain in the butt or simply a bad experience. You’ll find these moments under OTHER STORIES (Coming soon).

Car Stuff – The gadgets, ‘style’ & repair guys we need & don’t need

I never was a mechanic and I couldn’t do much more than the basics when it comes to maintaining a car. This does not take anything away from my love for cars, or more specifically, the fun, the joy, the sadness and the sorrows we can all asssociate with our cars. In my case, and millions of others, there is a third party who is pivotal in my relationship with my car. Call him the mechanical counsellor. He’s my mechanic, the guy or service centre I choose to do particular service and repair jobs on my car. Finding the right workshop to build a relationship with is not always an easy task.

Other Stories – The crazy things we do IN and WITH our cars

Remember the time you dropped everything, packed a few clothes, called babe and hit the road for Durban because Johannesburg was simply too cold? Or perhaps it was the time you and a buddy grabbed the old mans car while he in was Bloemfontein on a business trip. He, your Dad, ended up cutting his trip short because you got arrested by the the Sea Point police at age 14 on the way to Cape Town from Hout Bay.