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Automotive Marketing in a Digital World

Service centre, dealership or mechanical repair workshops need to be online. That’s the bottomline. Automotive marketing in a digital world is essential to the lifespan of an auto related business. The days of a certain workshop or dealership controlling a particular location or area are long gone. It’s a competetive market.

Marketing from Day 1

Automotive industry marketing, like any other industry needs to move with the times. Vehicle related businesses account for a generous portion of any country’s economy. The reason for this is that at any time, day or night, SOMETHING is being transported, whether it be a human, the delivery of a parcel or transportation of goods in bulk. This requires a vehicle in one form or another. The question is, how effectively can your company tap into the sales and service or repair market from day one?

‘Word of Mouth’ and the Happy Customer

Up front, there is no better marketing system than ‘Word of Mouth’. A quality referral from a happy customer will always be the most powerful and accurate form of marketing. So, from day 1, work ethics, quality of services rendered and customer relations (attitude) should be the core focus of your marketing. Get that right and you get to keep your customers. Finding new clients in a digital dispensation is the easy part. Keeping them requires an all round quality approach to product/service offered and customer service.

Create Your Digital Footprint

Having no website is a problem for many browsers looking for your services, but owning a registered domain and building a website should never be the result of your efforts. Building a quality, compact and effective online presence covers numerous aspects which can be packaged into a marketing/advertising plan. These include:

Register a Domain and Develop a Website

Select one or more social media platforms and create an account for your business

Submit your company profile and link to as many free and paid directories which are traffic generators (requires some research)

Create email campaigns and/or utilise PR websites to submit new information releases (ie: new specials, updated company policy, new and additional services.

Advertising on well Optimized, Niche Automotive Platforms

Your advertising efforts can be wasted if one element of your marketing plan is out of kilt. Online marketing needs to be planned. Too many businesses find themselves ‘going under’ as a result being uninformed. For example: Listing on a directory (free or paid) and leaving a link with very little content.

A high percentage of web users who look for services in the automotive industry will find a listing on a directory or other information portal. If what they see there appeals to them, the next step will usually be to visit the company website. It’s about authenticating the service. No website, less authenticity … it’s that simple.

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